New Beginner Results!

Watch Louise progress through The Complete Classical Piano Course in her video diary starting as a complete beginner and having had ZERO piano lessons.

Louise's goal is to be able to play Michael Proksch's 'And Now Let's Handel,' which was Trinity's Grade 5 exam piece (2018-2020) before she turns 40! 

Louise started the course around the beginning of April 2021, (it's now the 4th May 2021), practising for around 45 mins a day in the morning before work. She has already mastered her sightreading basics and has started on Technique Programme—A (18 month technique training), starting with the C major and A Harmonic Scales.

This is her first attempt at playing Dvořák's Symphony No. 9 'From a New World' in Book Four—Music. Impressive!  

"It's super easy to follow and interactive! You never really feel that you're on your own.'




Catch up with Louise in her second video. See her making progress through the course. This time playing Jean-Phillip Rameau's Minuet in Rondo Form. 



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