To all our members:

We are changing the way our students who have purchased The Complete Classical Piano Course view the 1000+ online videos. We are giving all our students the ability to download the videos onto their own computers if they so wish.

Once you have purchased the course, you will receive another email with a link that will grant you access to view/download the videos. 

As there is over 26GB of data, we suggest that you only download the videos that you need at the time of working through the course. This would save you from using up a lot of hard drive space on your computer. You will not need to view 1000+ videos to work through the course, as the videos are there to double-check your playing technique.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Bob James at

As we are still working on this, kindly let Bob know which music / technique programmes you are currently practising. He will arrange to send these videos via a download link so that you can download the videos onto your own computer.

Happy practising!




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