Improve your Sightreading

Want to improve your Sight reading?

Start with these three video lessons from John Geraghty (author of The Complete Classical Piano Course)



Sight reading - Treble and Bass Clef Notes on Piano: Lesson 1

In this first lesson you will learn better sight reading skills for the treble and bass clef notes on piano.

"You must first see it in your head before playing even one note on the piano. This lesson will show you how." 

Treble and Bass Clef Notes PDF 


Sight reading - Harmonic Intervals: Lesson 2

This video will teach you how to read harmonic intervals, learn major scales, music theory and more. This video will also teach you how to master playing these intervals like a touch typist.

1.19 Structure - Melody PDF    1.48 Repeats

6.07 Intervals - 3rds PDF      Intervals 3rd Answers PDF 

11.10 Sequences - Minuet in G 


Further training...

Have a closer look at Melody by Robert Schumann and see how many scales and intervals are written in the music. Use a pencil and mark a bracket in the music where you find these. The answers are written below.

Melody Scales (A) Answers PDF     Melody Scale (BCD) Answers PDF

Intervals 5ths Answers PDF   Intervals 4-Octave Answers PDF


Take a look at Prelude 1 by J.S. Bach and see all the Broken Chords noted within the brackets.

Broken Chords - PDF


Sight reading - Quarter notes: Lesson 3

Learn quarter notes, triplets, sixteenth notes. How clapping music will help you to understand music better. Master the four most important rhythms found in any music and understand how to count music the RIGHT way!

16.40 Rhythms

Hope you enjoyed these three lessons!

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