I'm John Geraghty, 

I'm here to help pianists get from amateur to an advanced level of piano, in the quickest and most direct way possible. I have over 27 years of 1-2-1 private tuition experience and I packed it all in The Complete Classical Piano Course.

Every page has just the essential information that you truly need to learn to play the piano correctly and in the right way. 

Now there's a quick way to learn the piano and there's a bad way to learn. Most people learn like this...


About John Geraghty


Too much time and not enough progress. 


When really they should be making this progress...     


About John Geraghty


Less practice with faster results.


Yes, I know there are lots of piano tuition online courses, books and private lessons that you have seen and probably tried.   

So why are you here?    

It's because you're not getting anywhere with your current progress and you need more help.


I can help you get there in no time at all. There are no gimmicks and no fluff with my teachings.

You see there's a difference between a musician who teaches music and a teacher who teaches music. 

Yes, I am a musician and a teacher. When I play the piano I'm a musician. When I teach music I'm a teacher. BIG difference.


There's no such thing as a bad student, just a bad teacher.


Everyone can learn, it's just that one way of teaching one student may be completely different from another student. 



The Brain is a Curious Thing

When I'm teaching I'm always wanting to get inside the head of each student. I want to know what their thinking, the reason why they're thinking it and the reason why they keep thinking it. I do this for every student.



"In a group of three people, there will always be one person I can learn from"

This old Chinese proverb makes sense. I learned through all of my students how and why they would play, practice and understand the music in a particular way. So much so, that I found through 27 years experience,  ALL of them had a similar type of experiences over and over again. 



Strategies and Tips 

Using what I'd learned from children, I would apply these to my adult students and also teach children what I'd learn from my adult students. Over the years learning how each student thought, practiced and played the piano, I realized that both children and adults had the same recurring problems. And I would just keep...

SIMPLIFYING the way I would teach it to them. 

And I had to write it all in one simple, straightforward course.  

I wanted The Complete Classical Piano Course to have all my tips and strategies that I learned teaching through the years, covering EVERY scenario when learning the piano. 

Tips and strategies on... 

  • Sight-reading
  • Ear Training
  • Technique
  • Practicing
  • Theory


After almost 20 years without playing, I decided to return to the piano. John Geraghty’s “The Complete Classical Piano Course” was immensely valuable, as it is a complete self-learning guide to piano playing, including theory, technique and performance. Although I have studied the piano in the past, I believe the set of these four books (Manual, Technique, Practice Notes and Music) may also be used by any beginner. The pack comes with a set of 3 CDs that will help the student to progress. Lessons are progressive and the music selected is adequate. I was awarded the ABRSM certificate in Music Performance, Grade 5 Piano, and passed with distinction. Although this achievement was not only attributed to John’s course, I must highlight how important his work was.
I am now preparing for the ABRSM Grade 8, and, being a frequent reader of the Pianist magazine, I also find John’s articles “Playing by Ear” quite useful.




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How It Started 

I started playing at the age of 17, having had an epiphany while at college. It felt like someone had touched me on the shoulder and said 'you're going to be a professional songwriter'. I was into art at the time, so music was way off my radar. At that very moment, I went to the music section of the library, where I was studying at the time and thought I should learn to play an instrument if I was to write songs. I picked up a music book, I think it was called 'How To Read Music', opened the pages and saw a picture of a piano. That's why I play it still today.


Practice, Practice, Practice

I taught myself to play the piano and after two long years, I realized that I didn't really know much at all about music. I decided on getting lessons. I enrolled in night school and learned classical piano from Diane Tigg. After that very first lesson with Diane, I practiced 4 hours Monday-Friday from 7-11pm and 12-8pm on Saturday and Sunday for about 5 years. Around 36 hours a week practicing piano! Some days I would rest my head on the keyboard for a few minutes, knowing I had another hour to practice. I realized that my peers had already taken Grade 8 piano and I was way behind all of them. I just wanted to catch up.'


About John Geraghty



 Musical Experience

I've worked as a pianist, producer, and arranger in rock, pop, and Jazz bands, I'm currently working as the musical director and pianist in a brand new show called The Iconic Blonde show starring Verity Burgess.

I've also started writing for PIANIST magazine. My first article appeared in No 109 Aug/Sept magazine and is the first article in a new 6-part series on Playing By Ear - A Songwriters' Way, which will be part of my new book that I'm currently writing. This book will be for all pop producers, songwriters, and singers who are wanting to master their understanding of chords, chord voicings, and Jazz reharmonization.

In the Oct/Nov magazine, I've written and recorded a nice little piano rag, paying homage to Scott Joplin called Harry's Rag as well as the next lesson in the 6-part series on Playing By Ear


Two Pianist magazines Sept/Oct and Oct/Nov editions



Songwriting / Producing

While I did my classical piano training, I also practiced my songwriting. Learning all I could about chords and improvisation, covering many different musical styles including Blues, Jazz, Country, Latin, and Funk piano. At the same time, I practiced my lyric writing and music production. I work with my DAW as my 'palette' to create different colors on the 'canvas'. 

Here's my brand new single called Diamond Shoes (feat. Ishy Dee) under my music producer name SmashHarry.




smashharry with ape

Sharing the Love

After teaching piano for some 27 years, I think I have a lot of knowledge to share with the world. I noticed people were learning the piano from YouTube but were only being taught a small part of what you really can learn. Having a private piano teacher will always be the best way to learn, but I decided to write The Complete Classical Piano Course because students who were learning by themselves from YouTube needed a comprehensive course, not just about classical piano but also playing techniques that I use when playing any style of music. I wanted to give students a full course that covers all my teaching strategies, tips, and tricks as well as the fundamentals that were taught to me by Diane. I wanted this to be part of my legacy.' 


Get your copy NOW for only £148.50. Use the CODE: CCPC50%Off

with a 90-day Money Back Guarantee!


buy now the complete classical piano course