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Am I too old to learn?

As long as you have the desire and determination it doesn't matter what age you are.

Can I learn on a keyboard?

Yes, as long as the keyboard is touch sensitive. You will need to purchase a sustain pedal to work on the pedalling techniques. An electric piano would be a better option.

Do I learn each book one after the other?

No. There are two main books that will be used from start to finish, Book 1- Manual and Book 4- Music. Book 2- Technique should be used for anyone wishing to work on their technique on a regular basis and Book 3- Practice Notes is used as a supplementary guide when learning the music in Book 4 so you just "dip in" when you need extra help. Use the online videos when you get stuck on a particular bar, line or phrase. 

Can I take exams after learning the course?

This course doesn't offer an exam at the end. It is designed for those wanting to learn at their own pace without the stress of examinations. 

Can I learn the music by ear from the audio CD's?

If you want to learn music by ear, this course is not for you. YouTube offers a lot of lessons if this is what you want to do.

Is their a trial period?

Yes. Try out the course for 30 days and if you feel that's it's not for you then you can return the course for a full refund. See Refund for terms. 

Do I need to work through the course from a computer?

No. The best way to watch the online videos is on a mobile phone or an iPad next to the piano. 

I don't have a CD player to use the audio CD's.

If you don't have access to a CD player, you can either use your computer to play the CD's or copy the tracks by 'ripping' them onto the computer and transferring the files onto your phone. Then use headphones to listen to each track. If you need help with this email and we'd be happy to help.

What standard of playing will I be at after I have finished the course?

This course is designed to have you reading at an intermediate/advanced level and your technique up to an advanced level. 

Is this a subscription course?


Do you offer after sales help?

Yes. Students can access our private facebook group where you can ask for extra help regarding anything about the course.