Am I too old to learn?

As long as you have the desire and determination it doesn't matter what age you are.

Can I learn on a keyboard?

Yes, as long as the keyboard is touch sensitive. You will need to purchase a sustain pedal to work on the pedalling techniques. An electric piano would be a better option.

Do I learn each book one after the other?

No. There are two main books that will be used from start to finish, Book 1- Manual and Book 4- Music. Book 2- Technique should be used for anyone wishing to work on their technique on a regular basis and Book 3- Practice Notes is used as a supplementary guide when learning the music in Book 4 so you just "dip in" when you need extra help. Use the videos when you get stuck on a particular bar, line or phrase. 

Can I take exams after learning the course?

This course doesn't offer an exam at the end. It is designed for those wanting to learn at their own pace without the stress of examinations. 

Can I learn the music by ear from the audio CD's?

If you want to learn music by ear, this course is not for you. YouTube offers a lot of lessons if this is what you want to do.

Is their a trial period? 

Yes. It's our 30- day Guarantee!

Try out the course for a full 30 days and if for any reason you don't feel that this course is for you, even after trying out the books, the audio CD's and the online videos, you can return the books and CDs with no questions asked for a full refund. Simply email admin@greenolivepublications.com to arrange a full refund. No questions asked. See Refund for terms. 

Do I need to work through the course from a computer?

Yes and no. You will receive the four books and 3 CD's (offline). You'll be sent a link to access the videos and audio (some students won't have a CD player) through Google drive (online) which will allow you to view/download the videos/audio from your computer. The best way to watch the online videos is on a mobile phone or an iPad next to the piano. This will keep the momentum going.

I don't have a CD player to use the audio CD's.

No problem! We'll send you a link through Google Drive so that you can access all the audio files online. You'll be able to stream/download these to your computer.

If you need help with this email admin@greenolivepublications.com and we'd be happy to help or contact John directly through VIP Students: The Complete Classical Piano Course and he'll talk you through it.

What standard of playing will I be at after I have finished the course?

This course is designed to have you reading at an intermediate/advanced level and your technique up to an advanced level. 

Music - You'll be able to play at Grade 5 level ABRSM level. Reading from simple lines of music to 4-part harmony (2 tunes on each hand).

Technique - All ten fingers/thumbs will be trained individually as well as together beyond Grade 8+ ABRSM level so that you have the necessary skills to control each finger/thumb to play the way you would like them to be played using articulation and dynamic techniques.

Sight-reading -

You'll be able to understand music written up to 4-part harmony as well as the most common rhythmic patterns that are used time and time again in music.

BONUS: If you want to improve your sight-reading skills to Grade 8 (for exams or just to get better) I've also created a very short but precise way of improving your sight-reading skills. This is a short PDF document that I use when training my private students to prepare for ABRSM grade exams. This is available either on request (after purchasing the course) or in my VIP Students: The Complete Classical Piano Course on Facebook. This bonus training will take you up to Grade 8 level.

Theory - All the essential music theory will be understood to get you fully confident at reading music to a high level.

Ear training - You will have all the skills necessary to be able to play with emotion as well as being able to articulate the music correctly. Also you'll be able to hear when things are not played correctly and having the correct ear training in order to correctly fix problems areas.

Please see The Books for more information.

Can I pay in instalments? 

Yes. This is available as an online course only. (see below)  

Go to The Complete Classical Piano Course: Online to find out more.

What's the difference between the online course and in book form?


When you purchase the books, these will be sent to you with FREE worldwide shipping tracking (AND no taxes - due to Brexit) to pay. This includes 4 books and 3 CDS. You will also receive a link via email (the one you added to the order) to allow you to access all the videos and audio tracks from the CD's online. These can then be downloaded onto your own computer or streamed online. You will also be able to have full access to VIP Students: The Complete Classical Piano Course on Facebook where you can get in touch with the author John Geraghty for extra help with your playing. 


1. In Full (discounted rate)

Once you purchase in full online you will have access to ALL the course book material and all the videos and audio tracks on the CD's. You will NOT be able to download any of the course to your computer. 

2. In instalments over six months. (discounted rate) 

This is an easier way of paying for the course. However the course is drip-fed, meaning that you will only get a selection of the course. However due to the fact that you have at least five years of training material within the full course, you'll probably not get through the first month quick enough to receive month 2's material. You will have more than enough each month to get on with. Month 2 will unlock new material, then month 3 an so on.

You can cancel the instalment plan at any time. If for example you cancel on month 3, month 4-6 payments will not come out and you will only have access to months 1-3. 

See our Online courses

Got more questions?

Call me on 0788 1941044 for UK students or if you're outside the UK +447881941044 for more information about the course. I may be teaching so just leave your name and number and I'll get back to you asap. Thanks!




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