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Master Your Playing Technique

Practice your classical technique and popular playing techniques with these two monthly training programmes. From beginner to advanced level.

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Book four covers two piano technique training programmes from beginner to an advanced level. The 18 month training programme will cover all scales, broken chords and arpeggios, progressively get harder and faster. For the scales and arpeggios there 36 separate exercises for training each finger individually.  The 10 month training programme covers general playing techniques that will not only help with classical piano but also for other styles including pop and jazz piano. Subjects covered are octaves, silent finger change, repeated notes, thirds, sixths, chords and spread chords, alberti bass, trills, overlapping hands and pedalling. To accompany both training programmes, there are online technical videos to watch exactly how to do each piano technique correctly as well as an audio CD to hep with ear training.