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The Complete Classical Piano Course

A Comprehensive Guide To Learning Classical Piano

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Can you teach yourself piano?

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"After trying quite a few online courses I found this course to be the least daunting way to learn classical piano and actually makes me want to pick the books up. It's so cleverly written that you can jump in and out and the online videos are great too! I'm excited for my progress. 5*” 

TONY BAYLISS West End Actor (Elegies, Tommy, We Will Rock You, Beauty and The Beast)

The material is remarkably detailed in its coverage of theory and technique, and each piece in the fourth volume is accompanied by detailed practice notes providing the sort of advice a teacher would give when studying the music.


I found the Complete Classical Piano Course very informative to learn. I'd recommend this course to other piano teachers like me.


The Books

The Complete Classical Piano Course Book One Manual

Master Sight-reading and Rhythm

Learn everything there is to know about reading music and music theory with this easy to follow manual and audio CD.

The Complete Classical Piano Course Book Two Technique

Master Your Playing Technique

Practice your classical technique and popular playing techniques with these two monthly training programmes. From beginner to advanced level.

The Complete Classical Piano Course Book Three Practice Notes

Master Your Practising

Learn more in less time by mastering your practice sessions.   

Compliment Book 4-Music with detailed explanations covering playing technique, theory and aural.

The Complete Classical Piano Course Book Four Music

Thirty Beautiful Pieces Of Music

Graded music written by master composers - Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Schumann, Mendelssohn and many more...

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